Get Clear. Get Seen. Get Results.



You may find yourself asking:

  • How do I grow my business and get more clients?
  • Do my services and offers make sense?
  • What am I missing and what should I do next?

Every Coach Deserves a Life-Changing Marketing Plan

But There's a Problem...

  • What you’ve tried so far isn’t working

  • You're struggling to bring in clients

  • Nobody understands what you do

  • Your website desperately needs help

  • You have no idea what to do next

  • You can't afford to keep wasting time and money

Building your business can be confusing and overwhelming.

Ready to stop struggling and take your coaching business to the next level?

I help coaches transform their marketing. It looks like:

Defining a clear message that captivates new clients.

Creating a finely-tuned system that brings in more sales.

Implementing changes together in order to see rapid growth.

If this is what you're looking're in the right place.

The Marketing Transformation Program is a 6-month marketing package for coaches designed to help you get clear in your messaging, get seen by more people, and get better results in your business.


In the process of launching & growing their coaching business.


Transforming & expanding their coaching business to take it to the next level.


Why should you take my marketing advice?

Hi, my name is Faith Janes and I'm a marketing coach for coaches. It's my job to help you evaluate the marketing side of your coaching business to see what needs tweaked for better performance.

I’ve been building custom websites and providing digital marketing solutions for the past 16 years.

I'll be using my expertise as a web designer and digital marketing strategist to develop and help implement the plan for your business every step of the way.

Together, we will transform your coaching business into the business of your dreams.

Strategy + Implementation

This is more than just training and strategy.

It's me logging in and helping you implement everything in your business.

Here's how it works:

  • I give you the strategies
  • We decide together what to do
  • Then I help you get it DONE!

No more being overwhelmed by the technical side of your business or wondering what to focus on next.


Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a transformation!

Over the course of this 6-month personalized program, we’ll do the following together:

Solidify Your Foundation

During phase one, we'll start with a full business audit and locate all the areas that need attention. We will clarify your audience and niche market along with your marketing and growth objectives to build from a solid foundation.

Refine Your Audience

During phase two, we'll do a deep dive on all things relating to your audience. We'll refine and clarify your key brand messages including those used throughout your website, social media, email, offers, and more.

Build Your Marketing Roadmap

During phase three, we will build the plan for sharing your messaging with the world. We will determine which platforms to utilize and create a plan for creating consistent content that feeds perfectly toward your offers.

Implement & Enhance Your Plan

During phase four, we will implement your marketing roadmap. We will use it to analyze your branding, enhance your existing online presence, and develop the best marketing materials to use in your coaching business.

What's My Investment?

What is it costing you NOT having a solid marketing plan in place? How many potential clients are you losing because they aren't sure what you offer? Have you had discovery calls end without closing because "they needed to think about it more."  Do potential clients understand why they need your services?

Unclear marketing may be costing you a lot. It's time to change all that.


Are You Ready to Transform Your Marketing?

6-month Program

$1,597 /month

Marketing Transformations with me are by application only. Your next step is to fill out the application at the link above.

Once you submit your application, I will review it and contact you. If I believe that we are a good fit and that you are ready for this work, we will set up a time to talk and get to know each other better. On that call, we will make the decision to move forward or not.